Real Life Powerball Winners

Powerball winners get a lot of attention. Their hard work and dedication have paid off because they have acquired countless other prizes as well. And this is not an isolated case. Powerball winners are being hailed as “rio” (or “ros”) in certain regions of the Dominican Republic. The winners are treated like celebrities in the communities.


One such resident is 31-year-old Jose Marzan, a bus driver who earns his living by helping others. He won the Powerball game for the third time and now plans to retire from the job. The good thing about Powerball is that it offers a chance for retirees to improve their lifestyle while still retaining their independence. Marzan plans to stay in Puerto Rico and eventually apply for citizenship. As a Puerto Rican, he would be able to vote and take part in local elections.

Another Powerball winner, a former bus passenger, is Willy Diaz, a mechanic. His story is quite common among lottery winnings. Willy did not win the Powerball game the first time he entered the draw. Instead, he ended up getting to live and work in Puerto Rico as a mechanic before winning the lottery. Willy now plans to become a teacher when he gets a chance to return to Puerto Rico.

There is one more lottery winner in Puerto Rico, a thirty-one-year-old woman. She started playing the Powerball game as a hobby when she was laid off from her job as a waitress. She now plans to retire once she gets her pension. Her set plan is to buy a home in Puerto Rico and eventually open a store there. As long as she can play her lottery games, she will be able to retire comfortably with a decent sum of money left over after she buys her new house.

The second prize lottery winner in north Carolina is Nelly Diaz, a twenty-one-year old. Like the previous Powerball winner, Nelly is from Puerto Rico. Nelly is currently employed in an Information Technology department at a school in northwest Charlotte. Her aim in life is to eventually land her dream job in the IT industry in North Carolina. Her prize money will go towards buying a house in Puerto Rico. In addition to that, Nelly is also hoping to take care of her mother, a disabled person who has been receiving government assistance for the past five years.

The next powerball jackpot winner in north Carolina is Antonio Aguilar. Like most of the other Powerball winners before him, Aguilar got to keep his prize money. To make up for not winning the first time, he is saving his ticket for a future trip to Puerto Rico. The little amount he won in the lottery will definitely go a long way in helping to fund his trip.

Lastly is Francisco Arenal, a thirty-three year-old powerball winner from Puerto Rico. Like the others before him, Arenal too is trying to save his windfall. Like most of the other Powerball winners before him, Arenal is trying to find a way to fund his trip to Puerto Rico. While doing so, he metamorphosed into a generous person with plans of purchasing a home in Puerto Rico and even one more lottery ticket. His plans did not work out like he had planned but he is still optimistic.

In the end, Arenal is currently enjoying living in Puerto Rico. He’s able to send for his family and still takes care of his children financially because he earns enough from his various jobs. This has brought him much financial security, more than the amount he would have garnered if he had won the lottery. Though he is very content with his current life, he admits that he would have done things differently if only he could have won the powerball.

So does Arenal have any regrets? He admits that he should have spent more time researching how to play the lottery better. Considering his lack of knowledge on playing the game, he probably missed many winning opportunities. Although he knows that most of his Powerball prize money is already put to good use, he says that he wishes he could have won more. Because of this, he says that he would have enjoyed living in Puerto Rico instead of North Carolina.

All of these Powerball winners have one thing in common: They have become better people because of their experiences while playing the game. If you too want to be a winner, then do your share of research. Doing so can help you discover opportunities not readily available to most. Winning the Powerball lottery is not a guarantee that you will become a Powerball winner. But with enough effort and perseverance, you are likely to come out a big winner.