All You Need to Know About Powerball and NY Lottery Cards

Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot soared to a record $40 million, as no single ticket matched all of the numbers drawn. Saturday’s huge jackpot prize was the biggest total prize amount – in all of Powerball’s history. And that was just one day – the final day of the draw. The yearly, total prize amounts start at a modest minimum and go up from there.


As usual with Powerball drawings, the big ticket sales come first, then the cheaper lower ticket sales. But what about the weekend and holiday draws? Plenty of people still play Powerball in spite of the fact that it’s a playing year round thing. Why? I believe it has something to do with the holidays.

When most people think of Powerball, they’re thinking of the bright lights, the screaming crowds and the chances of hitting multiple balls. The thought of the huge weekend jackpots and potential big payouts fills many people with just how much fun playing Powerball can be. So why don’t they? It seems the lure of the huge payouts and possibility of hitting multiple balls is hard to resist. So the Powerball season in New York seems to be well planned out for those who want the excitement and adventure of playing it year-round.

But how can one enjoy the game and not worry about losing money or being caught without a clue on how to play? That’s where Quick Pick tickets for Powerball play come into play. With a Quick Pick ticket you can avoid some of the randomness of the powerball draws. Instead, you get instant picks of numbers to place your bets on so that you have a chance at winning what you want.

In the past the powerball gaming commission in the state of New York has regulated the amount of bets per person and had specific rules about the minimum amount of wagers that could be placed. But with the recent changes in New York state tax law, the powerball gaming commission has had to change their rules again. Now, anyone playing in the New York State game must purchase a gaming wrist or lottery ticket from the New York State Lottery Commission in New York City and then wait until the drawing comes to decide how they will win the jackpot.

Now, if you are planning on playing in the upcoming New York State Powerball drawing in January, the only time you can play is when the drawing happens on the first day of the New Year. This applies to all draws. If you have already purchased a Quick Pick ticket, you will have to wait until the drawing for the Monday Fridays of January and the Saturday and Sunday drawing of the March drawing. There are also drawings for the April drawing and the May drawing. So if you plan on playing in the drawing for the May drawing, you need to buy a Monday Friday ticket for the entire month of January.

In order to make sure you get a prize in every Wednesday, you need to purchase a New York Lottery Card each and every Wednesday. Each drawing for the New York State Powerball is completely unique and no two players will ever play the same pattern twice in a single drawn. It is for this reason that the NY Lottery Commission keeps track of all transactions and makes sure that everyone wins.

The NY Lottery Commission also wants to make sure that everyone wins because not everyone spends the required money. Each week around the same time the prices of tickets and prize amounts go up. For this reason the New York State Lottery Commission makes it mandatory that anyone purchasing lottery tickets or paying for lottery prizes over the internet pay the required New York state tax and use a valid state tax ID number. So now that you have learned all the important facts about Powerball it’s time to get out there and start winning some money! Look up New York lottery tickets today and start having fun.